Blues Guitar Lessons for Advanced Guitarists in Greenville, SC

by Palmetto Music Institute

1628 E. North St., 29607 easy access to I-385, Church, Wade Hampton, and N. Pleasantburg. 444-8379 M-F 10-7, leave msg for return call. $35/mo. & up group, $100/mo. & up private, see Programs for details.

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First let’s define what an “advanced” guitarist is for our purposes here: an advanced guitarist is one who has achieved substantial mastery of at least one style of guitar playing, such that he or she can consistently produce desired playing results on the guitar, and such that other accomplished guitarists would agree that this level of skill constitutes “advanced” skills.

If you are already an advanced player in the styles I teach, but for some reason feel that something is missing in your playing (which I assume is the reason you are here reading this), come in for the free lesson. I’ll know by the end of our meeting if I have anything to offer you. I probably do, but if for some reason I feel that your level of skill is already beyond where I could take you … I’ll just say so.

My primary purpose here is to address the guitarist who has achieved notable results in styles that I do not teach, and would like to obtain new skills in the styles that I do teach: Blues and Classic Rock

Examples: classical guitarist, proficient in sight reading and finger style, who wants to master the free-spirited expression of Blues … singer/songwriter/guitarist who wants to learn lead skills … student of public school jazz programs who also wants to improve in Blues and/or Classic Rock.

As an advanced guitarist considering my lessons, which are focused primarily on Blues and Classic Rock, your concern is most likely similar to one or more of the following:

-“I’m not sure a live teacher is the right solution. This could be a waste of my resources.”

-“I do not have any way to know if your lessons will be any better than any other path I am considering.”

-“I know enough already to teach myself with a book or video series.”

-“I have tried lessons before and I was not satisfied with the results.”

“I’m not sure a live teacher is the right solution. This could be a waste of my resources.”

Have you ever seen a professional football team that does not have a coach? Why is this? The players know how to play. They are the best football players in the world. Why do they need a coach? Because there is more to “teaching” than merely showing you information. Most importantly for an advanced player … the accountability for practice and progress that comes with a regular meeting with a teacher.

Here are a few other reasons you need a teacher:

-Instead of spending your time digging up information on this new style you wish to master, have the info you really need supplied in an organized fashion with a logical order, and spend your time instead on effective practicing that moves you toward your goal.

-A regular meeting with another human being who understands the challenges and is enthusiastic about your success will help you keep your motivation up during those “spells” … you know the ones I am talking about.

-No one knows it all … no matter how advanced you may be, there is always something new to learn, and always someone who knows some odd or end that has escaped your attention. I may have a missing piece or two you have been looking for, and if I don’t … I know where to go get it.

-Meeting once a week with someone who is passionate about music and guitar just like you are .. it’s just fun and uplifting.

“I do not have any way to know if your lessons will be any better than any other path I am considering.”

Actually, you do have a way to know. This is where you have a huge advantage over beginners and some intermediate guitarists ... you know guitar lesson shams when you see them. Come in for my free introductory consultation. After spending an hour with me you will know whether or not I can contribute to your progress in any significant measure.

“I know enough already to teach myself with a book or video series.”

As mentioned above, having a teacher is not solely about having someone to show you information. A book or video can not provide feedback or accountability, nor can it give a rip about your progress. Human beings are not machines. We do better at achieving things when we pursue them as a team. Having a regular meeting with someone who identifies with your struggles and shares the savor of your victories will make a difference in your progress and your enjoyment of the process.

“I have tried lessons before and I was not satisfied with the results.”

There are any number of reasons why this may be so. It could be that your previous teacher was just not the right one for you and your goals. Though you may have plenty of experience in the school environment where your teacher was not an option you had to consider, maybe choosing your own individual teacher is not something you have had to tackle. There is a simple logical process for eliminating teachers who do not suit you and identifying the ones who do, as follows:

Avoid making a final decision based exclusively on price and location. The teacher’s location has nothing to do with teaching effectiveness. An effective teacher is well worth driving for another ten or twenty minutes and paying a little more if necessary.

So when you are looking for guitar lessons, consider that you are looking for the right person in addition to the right credentials. If at all possible, interview your prospective teacher and look for the following elements:

- a teacher who you like, and who likes you

- passion for and commitment to teaching

- specific training in teaching

- focused on your goals

- an organized, structured program

- fluent in the style you wish to play

I offer an introductory consultation for anyone who wishes to find out more about myself and my program. It takes about an hour. There is no cost or obligation for this lesson, and it has nothing to do with trying to get you into the studio to attempt some kind of pressurized sales presentation. It is simply an opportunity for you to tell me about your musical experience, your guitar goals, and let me tell you more about how I can help you.

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Client Feedback...

"What I enjoy most about my guitar lessons with Palmetto Music Institute is the individualized approach Chad uses based on my preference in music mixed with his easy to follow, cumulative practice schedules. Within a few short months, I have noticed that my focus in practice is steadily moving onto more complicated, foundational techniques and my hands are able to keep up! Chad continues to emphasize every week the mental aspect of retraining your hands and fingers. I believe the emphasis on mental focus, a weekly detailed practice schedule, and some essential music theory make Palmetto Music Institute the best place in town to learn how to effectively and effortlessly play guitar!" - Brian Browning, Greenville

"Chad Crawford at Palmetto Music Institute is an excellent instructor as well as an outstanding guitarist. I been taking lessons for about a year, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I have learned so much more about guitar and music in the time I have been taking lesson than I ever could on my own. I find his instruction challenging, encouraging, and rewarding. I look forward to each session. I highly recommend the Palmetto Music Institute." - Dave Harvey, Greenville