Guitar Lessons for Kids in Greenville, SC

by Palmetto Music Institute

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“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning” – Plato

PMI student Sofie (age 10) ejoying her new musical skills!

As a parent considering music lessons for your child you may wonder ...

“Will music lessons be more beneficial to my child than other activities?”

“Why not just take music lessons in the public schools?”

“Does my child have talent for music?”

“Can I afford this/Do I have time for it?”

“How do I identify the best teacher for my son/daughter?”

“Will music lessons be more beneficial to my child than other activities?”

Music training has value FAR beyond merely appreciating music better and having fun.

Music trains the mind to fuse the creative/intuitive intelligence with the analytical/logical intelligence in a way that enhances problem solving skills. It is well-documented that kids with music training perform better in academics across the board.

Private lessons provide an extensive opportunity for your child to have meaningful social interaction with an affirming adult. Parental influence is of course paramount, but kids know they have your heart “no matter what”. Having the additional support and encouragement of a “non-partisan” adult can make a positive difference in your child’s self-image and confidence in social interaction.

Private lessons provides an additional opportunity for your child to learn from an “authority figure” how to tackle big projects (one bite at a time!), organize information, and be persistent in the face of ongoing challenges. These skills will carry over into many areas of your child’s future, in academics and beyond.

Repeated small successes in music training add up to big self confidence over time!

PMI Parent Dominique Cheney reviews PMI Guitar Lessons for kids.

“Why not just take music lessons in the public schools?”

Our public schools have some excellent music training programs and outstanding teachers. There are several reasons you may wish to consider my alternative (or supplementary) program.

- The public school programs focus heavily on band, orchestra, and jazz. For some children or teens these musical styles will not have much appeal. I teach primarily Blues and Classic Rock Guitar, with sensitivity to the fact that I am dealing with impressionable children. I incorporate an element of “life skills” training in my program, while avoiding samples of popular music that are not in agreement with your standards of the types of influences you want for your youngster. Your child who is interested in guitar will still receive the many benefits of musical training, while learning an enjoyable style that will inspire achievement.

- There is no substitute for the individual attention to your child that comes with private lessons. This allows me to focus in great detail on every aspect of your child’s specific challenges, and supply customized strategies rather than generalized lesson plans.

- Private lessons inherently include a relational aspect that is impossible in public school group classes. The presence in your child’s life of individualized attention from an affirming adult mentor may be as valuable as the actual music training.

- I do track progress, and I do push my students to excel within reasonable boundaries, but there are no stressful tests, grades, or comparisons with other students. .

“The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of the nation, is close to the center of a nation’s purpose – and is a test to the quality of a nation’s civilization.” – John F. Kennedy

Photo PMI Student Bradlee

PMI student Bradlee (age 15) preparing for fretboard domination!

“Does my child have talent for music?”

For the overwhelming majority of accomplished musicians, natural talent was not the primary ingredient in developing enjoyable musical skills. Sure, you can find exceptions, but they are notable precisely because they are exceptions. For most of us it boils down to one thing: persistent effort. The more relevant question is, “Does my child have an interest in music and guitar?” If so, then we have all the raw material we need to get started.

Although I am persistent in gently pushing for achievement, my students need not be “gifted” to take advantage of the many benefits musical training offers. For some of the kids, guitar lessons is more about giving them something constructive to do rather than video games, TV, or Internet. Of course we both want your child to do as well as possible, but you need not be concerned that my program will present undue stress over perceived talent or lack thereof.

Photo PMI Student Mason

PMI student Mason (age 7) accurately dividing the beat!

“Can I afford this/Do I have time for it?”

My studio is convenient to any community near downtown Greenville, and is also convenient to Wade Hampton Boulevard, East North Street, Pelham Road, and the I-385 corridor. Due to the easy 385 access it is a mere 20 minutes from the major intersections in Powdersville or Simpsonville.

The cost of weekly lessons is less than many cable TV packages and cell phone plans. A starter guitar kit costs less than the popular video game consoles and will bring much more value to your child’s life.

Photo PMI Student Jake

PMI student Jake (age 12) mastering his 1972 Stratocaster!

“How do I identify the best teacher for my son/daughter?”

There is a simple logical process for eliminating teachers who do not suit you and identifying the ones who do, as follows:

Avoid making a decision based exclusively on price and location. The teacher’s location has nothing whatsoever to do with teaching effectiveness. An effective teacher is well worth driving for another ten or twenty minutes. As for the cheapest teacher … you know the old saying … “you are going to get what you pay for.”

Music lessons is not like buying a pizza, where you exchange payment for a finished product on the spot. Among other things, music training is a long term personal relationship. So when you are looking for guitar lessons, consider that you are looking for the right person in addition to the right credentials. If at all possible, interview your prospective teacher. Look for the following things:

- a teacher who you and your child like, and who likes you and your child

- passion for and commitment to teaching

- specific training in teaching

- comfortable with and adept in working with kids

- an organized, structured, goal-oriented program

- fluent in the style your child wishes to play

I offer an introductory consultation for anyone who wishes to find out more about myself and my program. It takes about an hour. There is no cost or obligation for this appointment, and it has nothing to do with trying to get you into the studio to attempt some kind of pressurized sales presentation. It is simply an opportunity for you and your child to meet me, tell me about your child’s musical experience and guitar goals, and let me tell you more about how I can help you. If you already have a guitar I will also show your child a simple but fun song that he or she can play immediately.

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Client Feedback...

"I would like to express my gratitude to Chad Crawford of Palmetto Music Institute for teaching guitar to my 13 year old son, Trent. Chad has been instrumental in cultivating Trent's musical abilities. The rapport of the instructor and the student is amazing. Trent was learning songs within weeks along with the 'solos' of the songs. With Chad's teaching ability and detailed program, Trent has excelled to the point that he has earned a tremendous opportunity to pre-enroll for the Fine Arts Center - a year and a half early. I am extremely proud of Trent's accomplishments, and I highly recommend Chad." - Brandy Long, Travelers Rest

"As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the progress that Abby’s made with Chad. He isn’t too easy, has high expectations and continues to push in a positive away. I feel like guitar has given Abby an identity and boosted her self confidence. Coincidence or not, her grades have improved greatly since she started playing. I definitely feel like guitar is a gift that will last her a lifetime." - John Poore, Simpsonville

"Our teenage son has been taking lessons with Chad for nearly six months. We have been very pleased with Chad's approach. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a 13 year old focused, but Chad has developed a very good rapport with him. I can honestly say that our son looks forward to his weekly lessons." - Scott Baier, Easley

"My daughter and I relocated from NYC, recently. She had started guitar lessons there, and I had been searching for a competent teacher for her , here, in Greenville. I was most fortunate to come across PMI’s website. The initial visit was straight-forward. Chad made me feel comfortable discussing my goals & expectations w/regards to my daughter’s needs. 3 months in, I can honestly say that Chad is EXACTLY the teacher I had been seeking for her. My daughter is highly intelligent, strong-willed and yet somewhat lackadaisical in her approach to most things. She is, also, a very sociable creature-who has the propensity to 'talk a bug off a vine'! Chad’s approach to this has been steady. He is 'authoritative' and not 'authoritarian'. We have seen significant results! Sofie loves him! In addition, his 'flying barely above the radar' sense of humor is a hoot and a half! And a total added gem. I cannot recommend his services, enough!" - Theresa McNeill, Greenville

"What I enjoy most about my guitar lessons with Palmetto Music Institute is the individualized approach Chad uses based on my preference in music mixed with his easy to follow, cumulative practice schedules. Within a few short months, I have noticed that my focus in practice is steadily moving onto more complicated, foundational techniques and my hands are able to keep up! Chad continues to emphasize every week the mental aspect of retraining your hands and fingers. I believe the emphasis on mental focus, a weekly detailed practice schedule, and some essential music theory make Palmetto Music Institute the best place in town to learn how to effectively and effortlessly play guitar!" - Brian Browning, Greenville

"Chad Crawford at Palmetto Music Institute is an excellent instructor as well as an outstanding guitarist. I been taking lessons for about a year, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I have learned so much more about guitar and music in the time I have been taking lesson than I ever could on my own. I find his instruction challenging, encouraging, and rewarding. I look forward to each session. I highly recommend the Palmetto Music Institute. " - Dave Harvey, Greenville

"I started later in life (58) to learn how to play the guitar and I’ve been taking lessons with Chad for a little over a year. His teaching style was just what I was looking for as I did take lessons somewhere else a few years ago and really didn’t learn anything. Chad’s lessons are well thought out and are allowing me to build a good foundation to play the guitar and learn about music, not just learn a few songs. In addition to the personnel lessons, Chad hosts no pressure jam sessions where students are exposed to playing with others. Not only is Chad a great guitar player, he has the ability to teach the guitar with a structured approach while tailoring the lessons to individuals needs. Overall good experience and I do recommend PMI to others wanting to learn guitar. Be prepared to work and you will enjoy your results. I wish that I had started sooner!" - Rich McGuire, Dacusville

"I started taking guitar lessons as a 12 year old. I lost interest when results were dissappointing. I tried to teach myself through trial and error with no real success. Then I took lessons again as an adult for three years. I learned some popular songs but no actual musical knowledge and understanding. I started taking lessons from Chad Crawford at Palmetto music Institute about 1 year ago. I've already learned way more than I had learned previously. Chad has a structured curriculum to systematically teach how to play guitar and learn to create music. He also teaches how to learn and play your favorite songs. Not only has Chad taught me musical knowlege, and how to create original music, but he is also correcting bad technique habits I have gained over the years. I really appreciate all that Chad has taught me and recommend him highly." - Jeff W. Brown D.C., Greenville

"I had no prior guitar experience when I first joined Chad at Palmetto Music Institute. He broke my lessons down in a very basic/easy to understand way. Chad sees the big picture and had enough structure to his lessons to form a path from A to B, and also tailored each lesson to where my skills were at the time. He teaches people ranging from beginner to advanced and I would recommend anyone to him who was looking for honest feedback and improvement on their skills. - David Garrigan, Greenville