Greenville Guitar Lessons is a service of Palmetto Music Institute, a state-registered educational institution located in Greenville, South Carolina. I offer several targeted instruction programs focusing on popular guitar styles, and specializing additionally in the Chicago/Texas Blues Style. Please see the Programs page via the menu link for current program offerings.

PMI is conveniently located in the East End Historic District, a.k.a. the "Music District" - the cluster of music shops on the outskirts of Downtown Greenville, with easy in/out access to I-385 or Pleasantburg drive. Tuition varies among programs and schedules, see Programs page for details. Take a look around the web site using the navigation links across the top of the page, and let me know if I can help you with any additional information. Most importantly ...

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Photo Chad Crawford

I'm Chad Crawford, guitar instructor and proprietor of the Palmetto Music Institute. In addition to over 40 years of experience learning and playing guitar, my training includes Dr. David Stevenson's classical guitar program through Clemson University, Jazz guitar from Watson Wood Studios, and Berklee College of Music's Master Guitar certificate program. I have played numerous public venues throughout the Upstate area, including worship services at a number of area churches and events. To keep my skills in shape I also participate regularly with a group of fellow music lovers in a private band, performing Blues, Jazz, Country, and Rock songs, with sporadic duties on bass, drums, and vocals as circumstances require.

I have taught guitar professionally over the past 18 years. My purpose is to get you the results you seek as quickly as possible, within the context of an affirming personal relationship. I offer you a unique, proven, customized combination of training methods designed around my expertise combined with your goals. I base the programs and organizational model on a proprietary cirriculum combining my own experiences as a continually developing musician with the best aspects & numerous insights I have obtained from a large number of training materials & methods over many years, along with my own collective obseservations of how people best learn to play the guitar. The programs provide a balance of physical playing skills and technical knowledge appropriate for your goals.


Client Feedback...

"Not Your Wal-Mart of Guitar Instructors. I learned in my business career that the two most important things are to choose you teammates and customers carefully. The second one is really hard. Most of us have never seen a customer we didn't like. Not so with Chad. He chooses his students carefully. If you just want to learn a few new songs then Chad is probably not for you. But if you want to learn to be a musician, then I can't think of anyone better. He is a real pro! " - William Gates, Greenville

"My daughter and I relocated from NYC, recently. She had started guitar lessons there, and I had been searching for a competent teacher for her , here, in Greenville. I was most fortunate to come across PMI’s website. The initial visit was straight-forward. Chad made me feel comfortable discussing my goals & expectations w/regards to my daughter’s needs. 3 months in, I can honestly say that Chad is EXACTLY the teacher I had been seeking for her. My daughter is highly intelligent, strong-willed and yet somewhat lackadaisical in her approach to most things. She is, also, a very sociable creature-who has the propensity to 'talk a bug off a vine'! Chad’s approach to this has been steady. He is 'authoritative' and not 'authoritarian'. We have seen significant results! Sofie loves him! In addition, his 'flying barely above the radar' sense of humor is a hoot and a half! And a total added gem. I cannot recommend his services, enough!" - Theresa McNeill, Greenville

"What I enjoy most about my guitar lessons with Palmetto Music Institute is the individualized approach Chad uses based on my preference in music mixed with his easy to follow, cumulative practice schedules. Within a few short months, I have noticed that my focus in practice is steadily moving onto more complicated, foundational techniques and my hands are able to keep up! Chad continues to emphasize every week the mental aspect of retraining your hands and fingers. I believe the emphasis on mental focus, a weekly detailed practice schedule, and some essential music theory make Palmetto Music Institute the best place in town to learn how to effectively and effortlessly play guitar!" - Brian Browning, Greenville