Beginner Guitar Lessons in Greenville, SC

by Palmetto Music Institute

1628 E. North St., 29607 easy access to I-385, Church, Wade Hampton, and N. Pleasantburg. 444-8379 M-F 10-7, leave msg for return call. $35/mo. & up group, $100/mo. & up private, see Programs for details.

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As a beginning guitarist considering lessons your primary concern is most likely one or more of the following:

- “I am not sure lessons will make any significant difference in my playing skills.”

- “I am not sure there is any real benefit to having a teacher when I can find free lessons on the Internet.”

- “Even though I really would enjoy playing guitar I do not believe that I have the talent.”

- “Even though I really would enjoy playing guitar, I can’t afford it/do not have time for it.”

- “There are a bunch of guitar teachers around and I just do not know how to identify the one who is most likely to get the best results for me.”

“I am not sure lessons will make any significant difference in my playing skills.”

If you follow my recommendations, then my lessons will make a massive difference for you. They will be the difference between you enjoying the guitar, and one of two fates that befall most aspiring “self taught” guitarists: (1) quit in frustration within six months (2) become a typical bedroom warrior who knows a bunch of bits and pieces but can’t play through a single entire song well.

The difficulty for a beginner is that you have no idea what you do not know, and thus you have no way to know if any particular learning material you come across is really going to help you meet your specific playing goals. In working with an experienced and skilled teacher you will avoid several common pitfalls that plague beginners …

– wasting time practicing things that do not move you forward

– developing improper physical technique habits

– unrealistic expectations about your progress that lead to unnecessary frustration & quitting

– frustrating uncertainty as to whether you are making any real progress toward your goals

My general program outline covers all the basics you need to get started with guitar, and then I customize it to suit your goals. It incorporates the accumulated knowledge of several generations of guitarists and guitar teachers. If you follow my recommendations then your success is merely a matter of time.

“I am not sure there is any advantage to working with a teacher when I can find free lessons on the Internet.”

There are MANY benefits to enlisting the aid of a great teacher. I will cover a handful here.

-Help in identifying your specific goals and the steps you need to take to reach those goals. The Internet can do no more than post information. It can not give you specific guidance for you and your situation.

-Feedback on your physical technique. This is one critical area where no book or video can ever help you. Without personalized guidance on physical technique it is certain that you will develop one or more of the common bad habits that will limit your peak performance to far less than your inherent potential.

-Direction toward the specific things you need to know and do to reach your playing goals, as opposed to spinning your wheels with useless exercises and “tricks”. There is some great information on the Internet. However, much if it will not be applicable to your goals and thus will be a waste of your limited time. Contrarily, much of it is for people who already have a significant skill and knowledge base. Some of it is just plain wrong, or incomplete at best. Some of these guitar “tricks & secrets” web sites amount to little more than a con. I will steer you clear of these traps.

-Accountability. Whatever your goals, you are going to need to practice. Without the built in accountability that comes with regular personal lessons, odds are high that you will not demand as much of yourself as you will when you know you have to demonstrate your progress to your teacher routinely. Without a teacher you are also much more likely to gravitate toward spending your limited practice time attempting to play songs and advanced techniques while neglecting development of the basic knowledge and technique necessary to play those songs and techniques well.

“Even though I really would enjoy playing guitar I do not believe that I have the talent.”

For the overwhelming majority of accomplished musicians, natural talent was not the primary ingredient in developing enjoyable mastery of their instruments. Sure, you can find exceptions, but they are notable precisely because they are exceptions. For most of us it boils down to one thing: persistent effort. With the aid of a great teacher to steer you toward the right information and methods, it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of time and effort involved in reaching your playing goals. I can also tell you from personal experience that it makes a big difference when you have the interest and encouragement of another person who cares about your success. With a great teacher in your corner it is not a matter of talent but rather of persistence in knowing and doing the right things in the right order.

“Even though I really would enjoy playing my favorite guitar songs, I can’t afford it/do not have time for it.”

It is certainly true that there is time and expense involved with learning music. The instruments themselves are a significant expenditure for most people, and good lessons come at a price. I can not offer any way around this. However, what I can offer you is help with selecting the right instruments and gear for your goals so that you do not waste your money, a schedule option that may suit your budget, and maximum value for your investment in lessons. For most, if you can afford a typical residential cable TV package or cell phone plan then you can afford my weekly guitar lessons.

Your progress will correlate directly with the amount of time you spend practicing. There is no way around this. However, what I can offer you is a program and strategies that will maximize your results for the amount of time you can invest in your progress.

“There are a bunch of guitar teachers around and I just do not know how to identify the one who is most likely to get the best results for me.”

There is a simple logical process for eliminating teachers who do not suit you and identifying the ones who do, as follows:

Do not make a decision based exclusively on price and location. The teacher’s location has nothing whatsoever to do with teaching effectiveness. An effective teacher is well worth driving for another ten or twenty minutes. As for the cheapest teacher … you are going to get what you pay for.

Music lessons is not like buying a pizza, where you hand over your cash and get a complete product in return on the spot. Among other things, music training is a long term personal relationship. So when you are looking for guitar lessons, consider that you are looking for the right person in addition to the right credentials. If at all possible, interview your prospective teacher. Look for the following things:

- a teacher who you like, and who likes you

- passion for and commitment to teaching

- specific training in teaching

- focused on your goals

- an organized, structured program

- fluent in the style you wish to play

I offer an introductory consultation for anyone who wishes to find out more about myself and my program. It takes about an hour. There is no cost or obligation , and it has nothing to do with trying to get you into the studio to attempt some kind of pressurized sales presentation. It is simply an opportunity for you to tell me about your musical experience, your guitar goals, and let me tell you more about how I can help you.

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Client Feedback...

"What I enjoy most about my guitar lessons with Palmetto Music Institute is the individualized approach Chad uses based on my preference in music mixed with his easy to follow, cumulative practice schedules. Within a few short months, I have noticed that my focus in practice is steadily moving onto more complicated, foundational techniques and my hands are able to keep up! Chad continues to emphasize every week the mental aspect of retraining your hands and fingers. I believe the emphasis on mental focus, a weekly detailed practice schedule, and some essential music theory make Palmetto Music Institute the best place in town to learn how to effectively and effortlessly play guitar!" - Brian Browning, Greenville

"Chad Crawford at Palmetto Music Institute is an excellent instructor as well as an outstanding guitarist. I been taking lessons for about a year, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I have learned so much more about guitar and music in the time I have been taking lesson than I ever could on my own. I find his instruction challenging, encouraging, and rewarding. I look forward to each session. I highly recommend the Palmetto Music Institute." - Dave Harvey, Greenville

"I have had the priviledge of taking lessons from Chad for about 18 months. At Palmetto Music Institute the approach is not textbook and it definitely works. I have learned in eighteen months the equivalent of three years of traditional music lessons and I actually understand what I am being taught to do instead of just memorizing boring stuff that doesn't make sense. If you are thinking about guitar lesson this is the way to go. Whether you are already a pro or never even touched a guitar Chad will help you find your strengths and weaknesses then custom design your lessons to help you become a real guitar hero!" - Micah Gibson, Greenville